About Us

What is OnlineResearchHub? It would be wrong to answer “a custom writing service,” because we aim to be so much more than that. There are hundreds of writing companies, but are there any writing networks? Exactly!

The difference between a writing company and a writing network, in our opinion, is that a network has much more resources. If put simply, a network has more writers and more abilities. The directions we work in to outrace our competitors are:

  • Increasing the number of professional writers working for us
  • Adding new subjects to an already large range of them
  • Working on new types of assignments that other companies haven’t started working on yet

The process is rather complicated since we have to put in significant efforts to achieve progress in all the directions. However, the results (the growing number of loyal and new customers) are absolutely worth it.

Our Main Values

As an innovative service, OnlineResearchHub makes sure to respect new AND traditional values. The traditional ones include:

  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF SERVICE. We work to satisfy each and every customer and exceed, rather than just meet, their expectations. That’s why we provide free revisions and make every other effort to make you happy.
  • PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA. Although there is only a handful of data we need to process along with your order, we still use all kinds of protective software to make sure no leaks occur on the way.
  • THE BEST PRICE POLICY. Although “the best” doesn’t mean “the lowest,” you will easily see that the price-to-quality ratio provided by us is the most cost-effective for clients.
  • CUSTOMER ORIENTATION. You will feel that in every aspect of our work, we put customers’ interests above our own.

To achieve our goal of being an innovative service, we also have non-standard values to cherish, such as a complex approach to order completion , increased speed of order delivery, order prioritisation, and others. Put together, they make up what we consider as our “moral code” — a set of norms that guide our work.

The prices of competitors? They don’t really bother us

A few words about our pricing policies. Unlike many other companies, we do not try to match the prices with our competitors. The rates we set represent what is considered a fair cost of a writer’s work. There are different ways to lower this cost, of course, such as early ordering and sacrificing some of the extra options. However, you will never find a lower price for the kind of quality we provide – guaranteed.

The price mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Number of pages
  • Paper type
  • Difficulty level
  • Urgency

You can modify the rest of the parameters in the order form to adjust the price accordingly and make it lower.

The last thing you should know about our company…

Last but not least — you should know that we do EVERYTHING we can to make your using of our network the most rewarding. It is our highest priority and top concern to increase our clientele the natural way, i.e. by giving our customers the best assistance they deserve and thus making a reputation out of their feedbacks.

However, no matter what we tell you here, you won’t be able to feel the magic unless you try it yourself. That’s why we encourage you just to go ahead and order — not because we want to make money, but because we are 100% sure you will like the experience of having your papers written here. Just a small order—not more than a few pages—and you will understand why we dare to call ourselves a writing company of the new generation.